Lesions to the hand and wrist are common sequelae of athletic endeavors but remain a poorly understood area of sports related healthcare. While both the public, and athletes themselves, understand to some degree the common injuries to say, the knee, the upper limb injury is rarely mentioned within these circles. The goal of ISSPORTH is to educate athlete, trainer and physician alike about the nuances of athletic hand and wrist injuries.

ISSPORTH is a non-profit organization and its main purposes comprise the following:
- to promote the unrestricted and complete exchange of knowledge among the participating members of the Society;
- exchange knowledge through publications and scientific meetings;
- facilitate and expand the opportunities for study and research inside and among the nations where its members belong;
- promote cooperation between Hand surgeons, Orthopaedic surgeons, Sports physicians, Hand therapists and other hand specialists and other specialists and professional figures who have a major interest in the anatomy and function of the hand and wrist.

Late recognition of these traumatic injuries can cause irreversible deficit that could permanently impair an athlete’s level of competition. While some injuries may be well tolerated in the general public, a simple ligament tear of the wrist can quickly lead a tennis athlete, or gymnast , to premature retirement from their livelihood, or passion. By increasing understanding of the nature and prevalence of these common problems, members of ISSPORTH and other hand surgeons can improve communication between the athlete’s medical support base. This can lead to improved recognition and treatment of the injury, with occasional need to refer the care to the subspecialist.

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